The dirty little secret that inspired my own journey of healing and helping others to heal…

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

The dirty little secret that inspired my own journey of healing and helping others to heal…

Jasmine Balom of HealingOne

I was literally sitting on the sofa and received the intuitive nudge to write this… so whoever this is for, you matter. You are seen. You are heard.

The dirty little secret that inspired my own journey of healing and helping others to heal…

I have had so many people ask me over the years…
WHY I went into counseling as a career?
WHY I left that path to become a coach?
WHY I share so much of my journey in transparent conversation?

There are so many reasons I can give, and they are all honest. Yet, there is one reason in particular that emanates from the depths of my soul and empowers me to keep going, to share, to love and to inspire and empower each person I connect with in HEALING…

To let the people I work with know that I HEAR them and I SEE them. To let them know that they matter to me. They are important and valuable.

Where does that come from?

I was the little girl screaming in my head, hoping someone could hear me. I was boiling over with anger. Self disgust. Low self-esteem. Feeling unwanted. Feeling unworthy. The teenage girl desperately wanting to be loved, heard, seen. Giving her body away. Feeling broken and used up.

And in my journey I’ve come across so many women AND men who have felt the same…

Maybe they were touched and violated as a child. Assaulted as a teen. Beaten as an adult. Told that their voice didn’t matter. Told to shut up and keep it inside.

And it manifested different behaviors. However it showed up, it caused more destruction and pain.

I found my way out of that hellhole. I found my voice. I found healing. I found forgiveness for those who tried to destroy me so that I could be free from that hamster will of memories and brokenness.

I honed my gifts, and I still do. I share the God/Spirit in me through the love, healing, compassion in me. This is my marching and my picket sign. You may never see me on the front line at a rally, however this is how I show up and make a difference.

I pour my heart and soul into the clients and connections I have. I give from the best parts of me and share the healing message in my services. I SEE the people that I work with. I HEAR them. And even though sometimes they never utter the words aloud, I KNOW the healing that takes place, the transition from broken and worthless to WHOLE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY.

That is part of what powers me to do what I do.

When I can work with a woman who comes to me for one thing or another, and I see the inside, the hidden, and get to support her in releasing ALL of that OLD story, to welcome in her NEW STORY. That she can in fact, enjoy a LOVING and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. That hell yes,she can have her own business. That yes, she can actually do whatever she wants to do and live her dreams.

The joy I feel when I get to work with a man who wants to let go of the stereotypes and embrace healing on every level, to be the best man and soul, he is here to be. That yes, he can release his past and be a GREAT MAN. Husband. Father. Friend. That YES, he can be woo-woo, eccentric, out of the box and still be all man.

Their story, is my story, is our story.
I Am HealingOne…

It’s why I do what I do.

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