GRATITUDE… It’s like the peanut butter to my jelly. Like the peaches to my cobbler crust. I LOOOOOOOVE being in my gratitude space. For me it’s deeper than just simply saying thank you for something. It’s deeper than anything I can write about. When I take those special moments to be in that space with the divine, I feel electric, on a HIGHER frequency or vibration. It literally feels like pure BLISS for me. It makes my soul feel WARM and COZY. My heart smiles.

Even as I write this post, that BEAUTIFUL, developing feeling has invaded my chest and is spreading. Total LOVE. If I had to make it, that might be the word.

It depends on where I’m at and what I feel like doing. Some days I simply journal and write down as many things as I can think of. Other days I might sing AFFIRMATIONS while I walk through the house. I might have a fire ceremony. I might simply sit still and let the feelings just take over for a moment. Whatever feels right in the moment, that’s what I do.

Sometimes I ask friends to participate. But to be honest, that’s never lasted long, lol. I was inspired last year to challenge myself and do gratitude post for the whole year. I missed a day here or there due to life, however I’m quite proud to say that I did keep it up for the whole year. I asked some people to do it with me, I think some lasted a week or 2. LOL

Honestly I wasn’t even mad, it actually strengthened my resolve to dive deeper and be more focused on gratitude in my own self. It’s PERSONAL for me, it’s like part of the air I breathe. Like warm vanilla cookies scenting the air. Can you feel me on that?

To be completely real and transparent for a moment, when I just completely let go and get all the way in my gratitude space, it’s almost better than sex. I SAID ALMOST, LOL!! But for real though, it makes my skin tingle, makes my heart beat faster, inspires my lungs to breathe deeper and just sings a sweet song to my soul.

Here are just some of the ways GRATITUDE has worked powerfully in my life in the last couple of years.
~Helped me connect with my soulmate
~Helped me make amends with my dad before he died
~Helped me get my house
~Helped me all throughout college
~Helped me heal after relationships ended
~Gave me the courage to leave a job I hated
~Gave me the courage to pack up everything and love somewhere that I had no family or friends
~Helped me upgrade my car
~Helped me resolve decades of conflict with my mom
~Helps me to forgive people that hurt me the most
~Helps me to believe in myself as a human being
~Helps me to believe in myself as a business owner
~Helps me to fall in love with and honor my body and all my love lumps, lol
~Helps me to bounce back when challenges come
~Helps me to process my anger when it flares up
~Helps me to get back up when I fall on my face.
~Helped me to heal from miscarriages
~Helped me to re-embrace my spiritual gifts and be at peace with them
~Helped renew my passion for life
~Helped me open my heart to love, when I didn’t want to and wanted remain cold-hearted
~And so much more, too much to write here

One of the main questions I get asked personally… “How do you stay so HAPPY all the time?”

Truth is, I’m not happy all the time. I have plenty of days where life gets on my nerves or someone hurts my feelings or pisses me off. I’m human. However I never choose to lose myself I’m it. I give myself permission to feel whatever I need to feel. Or sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the right or good thing. So I say fuck it, and throw myself a pity party for a bit.

But because gratitude is much a part of my souls peace, it never last long. I get tired of it and shift back into my gratitude space. So I tell people when they ask me that question… It’s not that I’m happy all the time, I give myself permission to be human and feel my emotions. I just never choose to permanently stay in them. I choose to shift and reset myself. And gratitude is my secret weapon of choice.

So if you need a pick me up, or just want to add a bit more bounce in your step, get your gratitude on! Take it from me, it works if you work it.

Chat with me and tell me how you use gratitude in your own life?


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