What’s my passion? Interesting question… and I have so many answers, lol!
However I’ll share with you my most favorite answers and those that share a little more insight into me.

First and foremost, my greatest passion is to heal me so that I can help others heal themselves. In my own personal journey of self and life, I have gained the understanding of part of why I’m here on this earth. I’m here to help share light, love, compassion and forgiveness. I’m here to help inspire change. I am here, more than anything, to simply encourage and inspire the people I connect with and come into contact with. Whether I’m at a gas station, grocery store or in the park, random people will strike up conversation with me. I wont lie, it used to bug the hell out of me, lol. I used to really some kind of way, people would just start talking and sharing their deepest stuff with me. As I grew, learned and begin to better understand my own spiritual journey and to understand some of the guidance on why I’m here, I started to embrace the strangers coming up to me. I began to look for it, and now I’m so used to it, that I feel strange when it doesn’t happen. LOL! I’ve embraced the understanding that healing is a life long journey, there’s always something we can learn, let go of or better embrace and understand. So, I’ve always got something beautiful lesson or tip I can share. The more I grow, the more I learn, and I continue to pass it on.

One of my greatest passions is helping people as you can see from what I just shared. It’s one of the reasons I love coaching and speaking/teaching! Coaching is a passion for me because I enjoy connecting with people who want to change and grow, and supporting them in having their aha moments. Those light bulb moments, when they realize just how divine and powerful they are. Those moments when they choose to level up and own their power. You know, the moments that help people change their entire lives and relight the fire that burns within. Those moments are my jam, they light me up and get me revved up to learn the next level of my own growth so I can share it. Those moments make it worth it, all the studying and schooling I’ve had. They make it worth it to continue to stretch myself and grow. And I’ll be honest, I would never willingly go through any of the heartache and challenges I’ve experienced, however, I can say that when I am able to share and help someone else avoid or make it through something I’ve experienced, it adds a little more sweetness to those moments and inspires me to continue in my own healing.

I didn’t make this a long article because, well, there will be plenty more on here talking about how much I love coaching and what I do. 🙂 🙂

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