I am actually thankful for writing this blog article today. It was prompted by a challenge I decided to participate in, #i2u created by Brandie Peters, to get more consistent in adding content to this blog and sharing even more value and goodness via my writing. 🙂 And I think it’s time for me to write some of my vision publicly and give you more of a glimpse into me as a person and spirit. So here it goes!

So…what is my vision for the future..? I’ll  share a bit about it personally and professionally.


I never thought my vision of my business and professional journey would include motherhood. However, I see myself as a mother. This wasn’t always the case. I’ve struggled with it for many years, wondering if due to my own fucked up childhood, I could actually be a decent parent. After working on myself for many a year, lol, I can honestly say I think I’ll make a damn good mama! That being said, it hasn’t been easy. Family fertility issues coupled with my own fertility issues to date have made it a heartbreaking journey. One filled with tears, heartache, loss and plenty of other emotions (another blog for another time). So first and foremost, because this is a true and honest desire of my heart, I am committing myself to doing the work both physically, emotionally and spiritually to create a space for me to welcome motherhood and children into my life. Here, revealed in this writing, is the secret I have held inside for so long and I am ready to let that shit go!!! I was AFRAID to be a mother. I felt INADEQUATE. Each time I suffered a loss, it reinforced to me that maybe I didn’t DESERVE it. I felt CRAZY… because the experiences weren’t lining up with the visions and dreams I’ve had over the years. So as I write this blog, I give myself space and permission to RELEASE all of the crap and bull that I held onto internally that created such a negative space and prevented me from welcoming motherhood. I release the family and generational shit. I release the old hurts and pains.I release the memories of loss that swirl through my head. I release all the crappy comments people said to me, trying to make me feel better, but really pissing me off. I release the old experiences and ideas that made me feel I couldn’t be a good mother or didn’t deserve to be one. And I say it aloud as I write this… I will do the work and open myself to new levels of healing and energy to allow motherhood to embrace me in it’s sweet arms.

I do what I do in building my business, because I want to have the life of my dreams. YES, that includes TRAVEL and MONEY, lol! However more than anything it includes FAMILY and LOVE. I am blessed beyond measure because I have met the man of my dreams. He came into my life in the simplest of ways, just as I had seen it and spoken it. He came at the right time when I needed him most and he has been a daily breath of fresh air for me. I am inspired by him to be greater, to stretch myself and be the best form of me. In him, I am learning and understanding what it means to love unselfishly (though I find it a struggle at times, lol). In this experience, I have come to understand just how important family is to me. Love has been my guide for many years, I found part of my purpose in sharing love to others. Not for anything in return, but just to pour it out and feel the beauty of it as it saturates and surrounds me in its presence. Yet, I felt damaged and limited in my ability to be part of a family, soooo much history there.. somehow, in being with him, the desire to enjoy family, has risen higher within me and become part of my normal. So I hold family high on my totem poll. More family dinners, trips, vacations, memories, all of the beauty that comes with being around the people that love me and I love them.

Personally and Professionally…

YES!!! I admit it, I own it! I LOVE MONEY! I am not ashamed to say it loudly and say it proudly. I see nothing wrong with wanting an abundant life in all the ways I can experience it. I dream of vacations in Bali. Romantic getaways to Turks & Caicos. Extended trips to tour various countries. Even taking a rolling tour of the U.S. in a tricked out motor home. And I want to do it comfortably. I see our dream home, with our own private waterfall over the pool, different sitting areas to enjoy the outside. A custom built firepit to enjoy the serenity and read a good book or to gab with family and friends. Plenty of acreage so our furbabies and babies to come, can play and frolic and enjoy themselves. I continue to work on expanding my business and creating wealth and abundance. However, I don’t stop there. You see, I see myself and my sweetie creating scholarships for single mothers, to honor my Grammy and my mom who both went back to school later in their adulthood to better themselves and provide for their family. I see myself providing housing for veterans and helping to create financial restoration via jobs, training and counseling, to honor my dad. I see myself helping my children start their own dreams and businesses if they so desire. I see myself owning a retreat location on sprawling acreage, that even when you step on the grounds you feel the difference energetically and spiritually. It has walking paths designed throughout. A bed and breakfast. Various health and wellness staff to teach and share wisdom and healing. I see myself helping others to create their own wealth via access to training and resources they otherwise might not get.

~~YES!!! I admit it, I own it! I LOVE MONEY!

I am not ashamed to say it loudly and say it proudly.~~

How do I see my vision playing out and taking place..?
My first focus and foundation of everything HealingOne is to live my purpose and to live it well. I know that I am here to empower, motivate and inspire people. I can see the good and beauty in a person, even when they are covered by the muddy and ugly circumstances that sometimes comes with living. I can see them. the goodness, and dreams that need to come out and shine for the world to see. That’s me… call me a visionary and a catalyst. 🙂
So I see my own visions happening personally and professionally simply by me continuing to live my PURPOSE. By taking the limitations off of myself and EXPANDING! This blog article was needed. Because its pushing me back out of my comfort zone, making me think again, to really SEE the things I desire and want in my life. The IMPACT I want to have on others.

I see that happening through HealingOne becoming a household and global name and business. When I say that, it takes my breath away for a moment. To speak openly about it, with such boldness. But I am doing it! I am holding myself accountable to my purpose and my own dreams. I am doing it by getting more visible. I am sharing more videos. I am writing again. I am making more connections and getting to know some pretty damn awesome people! I am helping my clients level up and believe in their own greatness, to create and live the lives they dream of! I am referred out by those I work with and they pass my name on, speaking highly of me. I see word of mouth as the vehicle that takes me to the next level and continues to catapult me and HealingOne to worldwide status.

~~My specific impact is in HEALING lives through RELATIONSHIPS.~~

I help people OWN their BADASS! ~~

My specific impact is in HEALING lives through RELATIONSHIPS… I help people OWN their BADASS! And that confidence and boldness is what allows them to make positive changes in every area of life. First in the relationship with themselves. Then, systematically working on every other relationship they participate in, personally and or professionally. This is how I positively impact the world. Through every individual that I help to level up and celebrate and honor themselves. I want to go BIGGER! I want to create more workshops and retreats both online and in person. I see myself hosting exclusive retreats in beautiful, peaceful locations. I see myself speaking to crowds of hundreds and thousands. I see myself traveling back and forth to various events and engagements, and in between enjoying amazing and beautiful moments with my family. I see my vision and I am making self a promise that I will continue to do the work within me, open myself to the opportunities that come and allow the people meant to help propel me, to serve their purpose in my life as I serve my purpose in others lives.

Over the next 12 months that looks like this…
~~Reassessing my administrative systems and creating a better schedule that allows me to maximize my efforts behind the scenes
~~Creating and facilitating more group work with clients via online and in-person gatherings
~~Working less physical hours, spending more time creating moments with my family
~~Allowing my creativity to flow and designing more t-shirts and gift items for the HealingOne product line
~~Allowing my creativity to flow and creating more download products such as audio and video

Over the next 5 years…
~~Working SMARTER, not harder, allowing myself to be in FLOW and creating consistent financial wealth and abundance via my business that will allow me only work outside my business, as a contractor, when I want to.
~~Buying and rehabbing more income properties and building our investment portfolio
~~Work with my sweetie and continue to support his vision, building his business as well so that we can both “retire” in 5 years or less and work our businesses not because we have to with financial pressure, but simply because we want to because we love what we do.
~~Paying my mothers house off, supplementing her income allowing her retirement to be much more enjoyable financially, also allowing her to travel and explore the world as she wants to.

I needed this! It has been a while since I publicly shared my vision… I used to talk about it all the time. But I got tired of Negative Nancy and Depressing Daryl always chiming in and trying to bust my bubble. I got tired of the rejection, ridicule and judgment I get as an entrepreneur, because I have the nerve to dare to dream big and believe in whats bigger than me or what I can see right now. I got used to keeping people out of my bubble so that I could stay focused and positive, believing in my dreams. But now it’s time for me to be vocal again. To be LOUD and PROUD of my dreams and what I know I can accomplish. I can be on the level of anyone else I see and admire. I can and will see all of my dreams for HealingOne manifest into full reality. And I will continue to give myself permission to DREAM and LIVE BIG! And I will laugh, love and enjoy the journey of my SUCCESS!

~~I will continue to give myself permission to DREAM and LIVE BIG!~~

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