I feel like I share so much of myself when I write and do live videos.Yet, there’s still so much of me that I am continuing to discover and so the journey continues. Healing myself to heal others. I share my transparent self, small pieces into the window of my soul, so that others can be inspired and encouraged. To recognize that you are not alone, we’ve all been through shit. We’ve all got skeletons and things we wish people didn’t know and we’ve all got amazing things we want to show from the rooftop and tell the whole world. This is just a quick blog article to share a little bit more of me with you. 🙂

Did you know that I was a high school dropout at 15, in the 10th grade..?
I know, you never would have thunk it! Yup,I was already a badass way back when, and not in a good way.
But guess what?!?! I got my shit together and got into college and honored a promise that I made to myself when I got my GED at 18, that I would go back to school and get an advanced degree.And I did it! Now, I will say this…If I knew then, what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have gone as far as I did and I definitely wouldn’t have used student loans to do it, lol. However I am quite proud of myself for keeping my promise to myself and getting my education, if only to experience the journey and learn some of my own strengths.

Did you know that I used to be a Personal Trainer..?
Yaaaaas,lol! I loved working with my clients in the gym, at their home or office location and we used to do corporate and community health fairs as well. From there I went to school and became a licensed Massage Therapist. Health and Wellness was my thang! I then went on to get Certified as a Holistic Life Coach and eventually completed my Masters in General Psychology. I was the freaking bomb, lol! I wanted to help my clients Body,Mind & Spirit. Eventually I phased everything else out and now I focus solely on Coaching. I do miss it and somethings think about adding it back into the business. I keep an open mind and trust that whatever I’m supposed to share through my business, I Am HealingOne, I will. 🙂

Let’s see, whats one more goodies I can share..?

I love the beach!
It is my safe haven, my sacred space of healing. I feel completely at peace when I dig my toes in the sand, read a good book or just listen to the waves crashing. I have loved the beach since I was a little girl. Even before i could understand why, I knew that water was and is healing for me. It’s like good chocolate, caramel and nuts all rolled into a mouthwatering bite! I haven’t been to the beach in about a year, but I am planning to take some time and get there before this year is over. I need it like I need the sun. 🙂

I was inspired to write this particular blog by the #i2u blog challenge. 🙂

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