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SHIT HAPPENS! But you’ll be able to kick butt and get back to your rock star status as A BADASS!

How did the Badass Coaching program come about?

Honestly, it came out of my own crazy life experiences, finding myself and learning to navigate some of the toughest challenges I’ve ever had to face like: grief, falling in love, learning to exist with my soulmate, miscarriage and all of the other weird roller coaster moments me and life have had together, lol. I learned to smile and enjoy the crazy moments, even when life didn’t cooperate.

I started sharing the Badass message with a video challenge, which catapulted into a 5 day #Badass Challenge, and has now grown into my SIGNATURE program! I got so many amazing words from women all over who shared their experiences with me after watching the videos, listening to my stories, using the affirmations and seeing the powerful changes in their own lives. I created the 5 day challenge to test the waters and see how I could better share my passion and let my own badass out and again I got great feedback.

So off to the drawing board I went to see how I could put all of this together and share it with more beautiful souls and kindred spirits. And life of course, continued to show up, lol! The one thing I saw over and over as I navigated the different experiences was that when I gave myself permission to just be ME, in all of my GLORY and SPLENDOR, I got through whatever was happening a lot less stressed and overwhelmed and I was able to much more quickly acknowledge and appreciate the lessons and the blessings.

Being a Badass also allowed me to more purposefully create beauty and joy in my life. To celebrate and honor myself! It allowed me to give myself permission to embrace all of my flaws (I’m still finding them, lol!) and to be OK, just being HUMAN.

What will you get out of the OWN your BADASS coaching program?

So many goodies!!! LOL, but I’m so, so serious! To name a few…
LOVE, SUPPORT and a TRIBE… Other amazing human beings focused on some of the same goals as you, offering their support and friendship. Always a great recipe for growth and creating more happiness.

ACCOUNTABILITY… 4 monthly video coaching calls to check in, ask questions, get support and design your specific action steps in creating the changes you want and need in your life. (2 coaching calls for the whole group and 2 coaching calls for each individual)

HEALING… One of my cornerstones in everything I do, teach and coach is healing. I believe it’s a beautiful space mentally, physically, emotionally and yes even financially… it isn’t a one and done type deal. Healing is an experience that continues to happen in our journey of life. And when you’re willing to do the work, you can’t help but to experience shifts in every level of living and in every area of your life.

CONFIDENCE… You’ll get support from me and the other women to fall in love with YOU. To see yourself, maybe deeper and more intimately than you ever have. To learn to love or more deeply love the skin you are in. Whether that means getting your sexy back, feeling healthier and more invigorated, or the simplest of things like being able to look into your own eyes and know how awesome you are.

INSPIRED ACTION… Often we know exactly what we need to do, yet we falter because we don’t take inspired action. In this group coaching, you’ll receive regular inspired action prompts and support to make sure you’re giving and receiving your fullness and getting the results you want.

YOUR PERSONAL STRATEGY TOOLBOX… Life will always happen. No matter how much inner work you do, no matter how much you meditate and how many good deeds you do to earn brownie points to get into Heaven. SHIT HAPPENS! So I’ll be sharing plenty of my sage wisdom. You’ll be equipped with PDFs, Audios, Videos and plenty of suggestions you can pull from when you need to, to help you not only cope but kick butt and get back to your rock star status as a BADASS!

MY EXPERIENCE & SUPPORT… This isn’t a joke, fad or past time for me. I truly LOVE what I do, I mean it’s one of the reasons I wake up every morning. I enjoy listening and talking with my clients, offering a safe space to grow and providing a platfrom to help them create and enjoy the life they truly want to live. How do I describe what I do…? I help people HEAL their LIVES through their RELATIONSHIPS by helping them to remember, acknowledge and OWN their WORTH! One of the ways I am able to do this is now through my BADASS Coaching program. Well, that & just being my Jazzy self! LOL! But seriously though, I bring 18+ years of hands on experience in Health & Wellness, Coaching and a Psychology based education. I don’t say that to toot my horn, but to let you know… This is what I do, because it’s who I am! You’ll get the chance to feel and experience my passion as you participate in my group coaching program. I’m so freaking excited!

AND…. dun dun da duh..!!
I’ll be sharing with you any intuitve messages I receive for you!

How do you register to participate?

If you’ve come here, I know you are ready to change and elevate your entire life. So let’s get right to it!

The steps to participate are simple and quick:

  1. Complete the Group Coaching Questionnaire Form (link right below).
  2. Once you’ve completed the form, I’ll review it.
  3. If based on your answers AND I feel energetically and intuitively that you are a good fit, I’ll send you a welcome email and payment information and we’ll get started changing the world, one BADASS at a time! Because YUP! Being a BADASS is a SUPERPOWER!

Important Details

Dates: Group coaching runs for 3 Months. Next group starts on Saturday, September 9, 2017, ending on Saturday, November 3, 2017
(UPDATED!!! Dates have been pushed back due to the storms, hurricanes, etc and me needing to make sure my loved ones are OK!)
NEW DATES: Sunday, October 1st, 2017- Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Video Calls: Group Coaching Calls will be scheduled once I have interviewed and selected the final participants. I’ll try to pick the time most convenient for the majority. Individual Coaching calls will be scheduled by each participant during the available posted “office hour times”. And no worries, all group coaching calls will be recorded so when you can’t make it live, you’ll still be able to watch the replays and catch up on everything.

Cost: $2400! OMG! Are you gasping because you can’t believe that’s all it cost?! I know, I know you probably thought I was gonna say $10,000 lol. Nope, I want this to be affordable and doable for you. And yes, you can make payments. 🙂

Resources: As you participate in the group coaching, you’ll have access to:

  • Each Month: 2 group calls (90 min.) and 2 Individual calls (60 min.) via Zoom (group calls will be recorded)
  • Participation in a private FB group and access to me to ask all of your questions, get specific and direct feedback and hands on support
  • Access to all 6 modules of the OWN Your BADASS signature program
  • PDF’s, Video & Audio downloads designed for each module and yours to keep!
  • Free Gift: 30 days to Embracing Your BADASS video collection
  • There’s bound to be MORE! I am always inspired as I work with clients so there’s no telling what other amazingness you’ll be getting your hands on!

I learned to smile and enjoy the crazy moments, even when life didn’T cooperate.

What you need to know..?

Lets be crystal clear about this thing…

Being a badass DOES NOT mean you’ll never be hurt or feel overwhelmed again. For me, and the purpose of my coaching, it means that you are better balanced, better equipped with strategies and tools to be resilient when life happens and the shit hits the fan! It means that you’re building and HONORING your self-value and worth, CULTIVATING your self-confidence, and creating a space of LOVE for YOU, ALL OF YOU! You won’t feel it all day every day, but you’ll be able to tap into the badass in you, whenever you need it.

AND, being a badass doesnt just improve your relationship with SELF. It improves EVERY RELATIONSHIP you participate in. With your spouse or mate, with your children, even with your friends and other loved ones.

HOW? Because when you OWN who you are and celebrate that, you create an energectic space and exchange that resonates all around you. Others pick it up and either level of with you or remove themselves from your life.

Excited yet? I know I am! 🙂

Guess what, I want your help too!!

Let me be truly blunt and honest…

I don’t want to create another bullshit coaching program with all the right buzz words, trigger words and heart jerking pictures that won’t do anything but make you feel worse and give me some money to put in the bank!

I want to share my experiences in my own journey of recognizing and owning my badass, I want to give my wisdom as a coach and I want to create a safe space for you to find and honor all of the amazingness that is you.

However, I’m only one human being. So your feedback as you go through this coaching program with me, will allow me to learn from you, and continue to authentically designing my program around the needs and wants that are real for you and many other beautiful souls just like you.

Your participation and honest feedback will help me cut the fluff, get rid of the stupid ideas that only aggravate people, include more of the OMG, yes ideas that will have you wanting to swing from the chandelier and proclaim your awesomeness… and most of all, it will allow me to continue creating something that will change and heal lives.

So from my heart to yours, THANK YOU! 🙂


1. Complete the Group Coaching Questionaire Form (link right below). 2. Once you’ve completed the form, I’ll review it.
3. If based on your answers AND I feel energetically and intuitively that you are a good fit, I’ll send you a welcome email and payment information and we’ll get started changing the world, one BADASS at a time!

Because YUP! Being a BADASS is a SUPERPOWER!

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