Learn to laugh, even when things aren’t cooperating! I decided to take a selfie, and the wind decided to blow at the same time, lol.

I laughed, and even though my face is covered, you can still see my smile. I love this picture because it reminds me, no matter what may happen, we always have a choice in how we respond. I chose to enjoy the moment!

So today, take a look around and ask yourself, where can you shift your perspective and choose to be happy, thankful, to feel good? How can you choose to celebrate the moment and enjoy life as much as you can?

Yes, life gets in your face sometimes and yes, sometimes it really sucks. Yet, even when the shit hits the fan, you’ve always got a choice.

A choice to love, live, and thrive. A choice to smell the roses. A choice to bounce back and level up. It’s all about choice. It’s all about you!

The day before I took this picture, not even 24 hours before, I was crying my heart out. I felt tired and overwhelmed. I felt heavy and emotionally drained. I was angry at circumstances that were happening. I was pissed off at people. I mean, let me be completely real… I was having a fucking fit! I literally cried myself to sleep from emotional exhaustion.

Learn to laugh, even when things aren't cooperating!

So I gave in to it. I didn’t give up, I just chose to allow myself grace, to feel what I needed to feel. To simply be human. Then, when that moment passed, I chose to honor myself by enjoying the new moment.

A new day, new hour, new minute, new second. I chose to trust that even though everything wasn’t fixed or perfect, I could still enjoy the new moment. I could still choose joy, to thrive, to celebrate me and own my worth.

So what’s my point..?
No matter what crap life may be throwing at you right now, no matter how bad it looks and may feel, you’ve always got a choice. And how you choose to respond, helps to determine how things continue to play out. I was smiling in this picture, because I chose to. And nope, everything still isn’t perfect. However, I’m still smiling and things are getting better.

What’s your choice?

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