One of the ways to see improvement in every other area of your life and every relationship you participate in is to HONOR YOURSELF.
Sound too simple?
It is simple!! It doesn’t matter if you’re having challenges in your marriage, issues in your business or job, money problems, disruptions in your friendships, health issues, etc… You want to create change..?
What’s your power?
Your power is your thoughts, your voice/words, your actions. It’s the life inside your body. The energy you exist in and create daily. It’s how you see yourself. You might give it away unconsciously, because you feel worn down or broken. You might give it away to friends and family who you feel know more than you. You might give it away to your spouse or children. Whatever has happened, it’s not too late and it’s not hard to take your power back.

When you acknowledge and accept the TRUTH that you are POWERFUL and AMAZING, you are DIVINE and a BEAUTIFUL creation, that is the moment your whole life changes. YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO OWN YOUR POWER!
Every single day you have an opportunity, a CHOICE to LOVE, HONOR and APPRECIATE how absolutely amazing and DIVINE you are. No one, and I do mean no one, has the ability to take away your POWER, except you. So what do you do with your power?
How can you honor yourself you ask?
Listen to your inner voice/intuition.
Learn to say NO to things & people that don’t serve your highest good.
Learn to say YES to your dreams, your wants & desires, because you can have them all!
Release old baggage & forgive people and situations that caused you hurt.
Appreciate each new day & do things that make you feel good.
Pay your bills, manage your finances and treat money as your friend, because it is!
Do things daily that make you feel good.
Laugh, as loud and as often as you can.
Enjoy time with the people you love and create beautiful memories.
Why should you do all of these things?

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